Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Everything is just DUCKY!

So about 3 weeks ago I finally decided to become a respectable member of the neighborhood, and start clearing out the dead weeds and old flowers from my front flower garden. ( I know its very late in the year to do such! I could pretend and use the excuse of- Hey I work!!! But no, I just didn't want to do it!) I took my bottle of weed killer with me and just as I was leaning in, about halfway done with the whole project, OUT FLEW a Duck from the weeds, and scared the shit out of me, I about fell over backwards!
What- last time I looked we lived in the middle of the city! I thought so too! I looked down and tried to figure out why she would be there, when I saw the most beautiful nest of eggs. Seven eggs nestled in the weeds. Justin thinks she picked our house for the abundance of weeds, Scott and I call it duck habitat not weeds!
Since that time the whole things taken on a life of its own, quite literally! Scott talked with all the neighbors asking them to watch their cats and dogs when outside, he reminds Devree to feed her bread every so often, and he installed a kiddie pool in the front flower garden for her swimming pleasure!
I, in the mean time, have become obsessed with checking on her. I probably go out and looking in on her five times a day. I have named her Duffy, with the approval of the whole family. And now we just wait like expectant parents!

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