Saturday, July 11, 2009

4th of July for the Duff's

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!! Much to our delight, we were invited to our friend Jody's annual 4th of July BBQ on the Greenbelt for the fireworks again this year. The plan started out simple enough, but as most things in the Duff house it never stays that way! It was supposed to just be Scott, Tif, Diva and Sawyer, Lindee and Justin informed us "they had plans". So be it! We invited Grandma Linda and Grandpa Gordon. (Picture with puppy at BBQ, NOT OURS. The Duff house is FULL!)

I spent the day finding safety glasses for the crew. Last year we were covered in fall out and ash by the time the fireworks were over, a price well worth paying for such a good view!

Devree and Sawyer had SO much fun playing with all the other little kids at the party! The food was awesome! Just ask Grandma Linda, who thought it was "slurge worthy". This year there was even a little dance entertainment, woo-who! There were also enough glow stick action to light a small city, Devree was put in charge of making sure all the kids had some, and boy was she good at her assignment!

By the time the fire works started, Lindee, Justin, and Loggan had crashed our little party! I guess we are not that bad to hangout with after all!!! I wish I would have taken a picture of all of us in our safety glasses, looking like a bunch of science geeks! The fireworks as always were breath taking!!! And with that Tif and Scott's vacation time comes to a close, OH SADNESS!!!

Shoshone Falls

Having lived in Idaho for the very short time that I have, ha ha ha, to my husband amazement, I have never been to Shoshone Falls! So we went, while on a recent day trips to return cousins to their parents after the trip to the cabin.

We just had the little ones, or as we refer to them, the babies, although they are far from that at this point, much to my sadness!

Water flow this year is up, which made the experience that much better, it was beautiful!

Much needed Cabin Time!


Each year ouR family looks forward to being able to spend time at the Hall Cabin, this year was no different! Our favortie things to do is, spend time swiming and BOATING!!! This year at Island Park the water is great, thanks to the long winter we endured! This year we were able to take a few extras with us, cousins ChaRee ,C'Line and India, friends Ashley and Loggan.

In case any of you are confused, yes this is Grandma Linda in the water, swimming. Yup! I was confused too for a minute! I think she had fun, although you would never know it from the look on her face!

This is Sawyer, trying Loggan's solution to his farmer's tan! I am not sure this works! Ask Sawyer? We thought a moment this funny should be shared!

It's almost a smile and almost enjoying the boat with the family, for Lindee this is good!

Scott- hmm! I think he was trying to tell me something about speed limits and water safety while he was on the tube and at my mercy. To tell you the truth, the wind was up and I couldn't really hear him that well! Something, something boat speed, something, something, I don't want to limp tomorrow, blah, blah, blah! LOL!!! He survived just fine!

Little Diva and Dad!

Justin driving the boat. Each of the kids that wanted to got a chance to learn to drive the boat.


Sawyer's Big Bump!

So while relaxing at home a few weeks ago, I heard a scream come from the backyard, which to any mom would signal trouble! Given that it was Sawyer and not Diva, I quickly realized that someone was physically hurt and not just their feelings. Sawyer and Justin appeared in the doorway, while Sawyer sobbed, Justin told the story behind the scream. Sawyer had hit his head on the frame of the trampoline. As I reached down to comfort him, I rubbed the back of his head and immediately felt this insanely big bump!!!
He settled and calmed pretty quickly, but this is just the latest in a string of injuries he has had this summer! OUCH!!!! TAKE IT EASY SAWYER!!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Rainy Weekend in Island Park

After fighting with our 5th wheel all week long, we finally said "Uncle" as in uncles can we stay at the cabin! While Scott's friends from work camped out at the campground we were able to stay at the cabin, nice and dry! We watched movies, played cards and bugged the crap out each other! We did spend a lot of time hanging out with the friends, especially at night for camp fires and glow sticks!

The girls on the weekend, Lindee, Ashley our adopted daughter, and Diva. I think Lindee always has this face on when little Diva is around. If you know my cute husband at all, you know he has the best or worst (depending on how you look at it) bedhead. This picture is part bedhead and part windy boat head, either way it rocks!!!

Sawyer and his friend Nathan, getting ready to go fishing, they never caught and thing, but sure has the fishermen talk down good! They all got away and they were BIG!

Monday, June 8, 2009

A New Look!

New haircuts and the new glasses made for a some fun for little Diva and Sawyer.

Friday, June 5, 2009

The Weekend

So last weekend was SO busy and SO fun, in true Duff house fashion! The weekend started bright and early Thursday's with Devree's class end of the school year party! 33 kids, 6 moms, and 2 teachers later I think all the kids had a blast

Next came the last day of school on Friday and Sawyer's big "Blast into Summer" birthday party! He and friends were so excited and for SOOOOO LONG for it! I am never really sure why I commit myself to so many activities at birthday parties with young ones, silly ME!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Everything is just DUCKY!

So about 3 weeks ago I finally decided to become a respectable member of the neighborhood, and start clearing out the dead weeds and old flowers from my front flower garden. ( I know its very late in the year to do such! I could pretend and use the excuse of- Hey I work!!! But no, I just didn't want to do it!) I took my bottle of weed killer with me and just as I was leaning in, about halfway done with the whole project, OUT FLEW a Duck from the weeds, and scared the shit out of me, I about fell over backwards!
What- last time I looked we lived in the middle of the city! I thought so too! I looked down and tried to figure out why she would be there, when I saw the most beautiful nest of eggs. Seven eggs nestled in the weeds. Justin thinks she picked our house for the abundance of weeds, Scott and I call it duck habitat not weeds!
Since that time the whole things taken on a life of its own, quite literally! Scott talked with all the neighbors asking them to watch their cats and dogs when outside, he reminds Devree to feed her bread every so often, and he installed a kiddie pool in the front flower garden for her swimming pleasure!
I, in the mean time, have become obsessed with checking on her. I probably go out and looking in on her five times a day. I have named her Duffy, with the approval of the whole family. And now we just wait like expectant parents!

Monday, June 1, 2009

What Where Why?????

So with family and friends spread out all across the country, I thought a Family Blog would be a fun way to keep everyone updated! I hope you enjoy hearing about our lives as much as we enjoy living it!