Saturday, July 11, 2009

4th of July for the Duff's

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!! Much to our delight, we were invited to our friend Jody's annual 4th of July BBQ on the Greenbelt for the fireworks again this year. The plan started out simple enough, but as most things in the Duff house it never stays that way! It was supposed to just be Scott, Tif, Diva and Sawyer, Lindee and Justin informed us "they had plans". So be it! We invited Grandma Linda and Grandpa Gordon. (Picture with puppy at BBQ, NOT OURS. The Duff house is FULL!)

I spent the day finding safety glasses for the crew. Last year we were covered in fall out and ash by the time the fireworks were over, a price well worth paying for such a good view!

Devree and Sawyer had SO much fun playing with all the other little kids at the party! The food was awesome! Just ask Grandma Linda, who thought it was "slurge worthy". This year there was even a little dance entertainment, woo-who! There were also enough glow stick action to light a small city, Devree was put in charge of making sure all the kids had some, and boy was she good at her assignment!

By the time the fire works started, Lindee, Justin, and Loggan had crashed our little party! I guess we are not that bad to hangout with after all!!! I wish I would have taken a picture of all of us in our safety glasses, looking like a bunch of science geeks! The fireworks as always were breath taking!!! And with that Tif and Scott's vacation time comes to a close, OH SADNESS!!!

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